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Birmingham's Largest Laser Engraving Services and Technology Website. If you were with us from the early years you will know that we have a passion for technology. We spent countless hours in research and producing video content on products that we imported from China. As times as changed the company morphed and morphed into a laser Engraving Service we the same access to many technology product from China.

We no longer import as much as what we did in yester year as the the engraving business takes up all our time.

However we have combined our love for technology with the vested interested in the import to bring you a new service for those budding Entrepreneurs to save you time can drastically cut your learning curve. So if you need the hack and wish to get into the importation game please click the link above.

We Now specialize in Personalized items , Wedding Gift, Personalized stationary . Please feel free to add yourself to use Facebook page and join the community.

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